Established in 2004, Nexus Business Consulting is a private business consulting company based in Miami, Florida. In that time, we have served not just as documenters or front-line consultants but have grown to be a recognized business partner with our clients. Our goal is to enable transformation with each solution we create. Nexus increases collaboration with you, your organization, and partners to create and implement solutions that are sustainable and deliver value. This extends our work beyond the engagement and helps to keep moving your business forward.

nexusOne of the primary definitions of “nexus” is “center or focus.” At Nexus Business Consulting, we make our clients our focus because your success is our success. As the independent perspective, we always will tell you the truth and build a culture of truth and respect with our clients. At Nexus, we do this by maintaining integrity and honoring the values of the company.

We are fortunate to work with clients that are leaders in their respective industries. As such, we strive to lead by example and perform our work in ways that challenge the status quo and conduct ourselves to motivate and inspire others. We at Nexus Business Consulting see ourselves as leaders for our clients, partners, and our community, looking to not only do things right but also do the right things. Doing so allows us at Nexus Business Consulting to be agents of positive change both in the workplace and in our community.

Nexus Business Consulting. Unique Clients. Unique Solutions.