Organizations need to understand its IT environment but also ensure that the environment is controlled and effective while aligned with business objectives. Compliance is not a one-time occurrence but a 24/7/365 effort. Throughout the year, organizations must be assessing their IT environments on a regular, consistent basis.

Nexus Business Consulting can help your organization by taking a pragmatic, risk-based approach to assessing your IT environment. By applying this approach to your processes and controls, we can attest to effectiveness of design and execution as well as identify opportunities for improvement.

itcomplianceWe have worked on the following:

  • SSAE 16; SOC 1-3 Readiness
  • Sarbanes-Oxley
  • IT Risk Assessments

Services we provide to assist with IT compliance include:

  • Coordinated planning for IT compliance efforts
  • Documentation of the controls catalog and systems inventory
  • Compilation of evidence of proper execution of controls
  • Independent testing of controls to determine level of proper execution
  • Assessment of testing results to determine if remediation is necessary