ALPFA and the University of Phoenix Award 10 Full-Tuition Scholarships for a Master’s Degree Program

Los Angeles, CA – ALPFA, the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market, in partnership with University of Phoenix, has awarded ten (10) outstanding ALPFA professional members with a full-tuition scholarship for a master’s degree through the ALPFA Professional Leadership Scholarship. This is the first time ALPFA has awarded scholarships to professionals to assist them in continuing their education. This exciting opportunity attracted applicants from across the country.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in 2005 only 2.4 percent of Hispanics had a master’s degree. ALPFA and University of Phoenix understand the importance of making higher education accessible for students of all ages and backgrounds, particularly Latinos. It is ALPFA’s intent, through this scholarship program, to help increase the number of Latinos with a graduate degree while making it affordable and convenient. University of Phoenix is particularly adept at helping working professionals complete their education by designing programs around their busy careers. The scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to attend a University of Phoenix on-ground campus or can attend University of Phoenix online.

“This is an exciting milestone for ALPFA as we have expanded our educational efforts beyond students,” said Geraldine Contreras, ALPFA’s Director of Student Affairs. “We hope to continue this partnership with University of Phoenix so we can give more Latino working professionals an opportunity to obtain a master’s degree.”

“University of Phoenix is honored to provide these 10 qualified ALPFA professionals with full-tuition scholarships to advance in their education and career path,” said Russell Esquivel, University of Phoenix’s National Director of Latino Student Engagement. “The ALPFA Professional Leadership Scholarship program is a testament to University of Phoenix’s and ALPFA’s commitment to expand opportunities for Latino leaders in the global market.”

The scholarship recipients are:

Yesenia Cabrera, Flemington, N.J., Master in Accounting

Manuel R. Espinoza, Washington D.C., Master of Management/Public Administration

Cid Rolando Leiva, El Dorado Hills, Calif., Master of Science in Accountancy

Luis R. Nieves Concepcion, Pearl City, Hawaii, Master of Information Systems

Carlos Renato Oliva, Rockville, Md., Master of Business Administration

Orlando Rodriguez, Southbridge, Mass., Master of Business Administration

Lisbeth Salinas, Oakland, Calif., Master of Business Administration

Salvador Serrano, San Bruno, Calif., Master of Business Administration

Carla Villacorta, Newton, Mass., Master of Public Administration

Daniel J. Yip, Miami, Fla., Master of Business Administration

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In 1972, ALPFA became the first national Latino professional association in the United States. Since then ALPFA, a non-profit organization has provided unique and valuable programs, services, and benefits to its members and corporate partners. Currently there are 39 chapters and over 15,000 members.

VISION: ALPFA is the premier business organization for expanding opportunities for Latino leadership in the global market.

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University of Phoenix is constantly innovating to help students balance education and life in a rapidly changing world. Through flexible schedules, challenging courses and interactive learning, students achieve personal and career aspirations without putting their lives on hold. As of May 31, 2010, 476,500 students were enrolled at University of Phoenix, the largest private university in North America. University of Phoenix serves a diverse student population, offering associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs from campuses and learning centers across the U.S. as well as online throughout the world.

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