Nexus Business Consulting Launches New Website and Brand Refresh

Miami, Florida – Nexus Business Consulting, a private business consulting company (, announced today that it officially has launched a new website and refreshed corporate identity. The new website marks a significant change in the company’s Internet presence. Along with the new website, the brand refresh modernizes the corporate identity for Nexus Business Consulting for the first time since 2004, when the company was founded.

The new Nexus website offers a clean, modern, and responsive design with improved functionality and a content-rich experience. Part of the new content is the integration of the social media channels used by Nexus – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – where company updates, commentary, and connectivity with the community at large will appear on a regular basis.

To complement the new website, Nexus Business Consulting has redesigned its overall brand, with a new logo and a new vision. The new logo integrates one of the primary definitions of “nexus”, that of “center of focus”, by visually representing the focus of the company – its clients. Embodied by the dual-purpose “x” of Nexus, this focus on clients drives the company to view its clients’ success as its own.

Paralleling the new logo, the new vision for the company is to improve each organization that the company serves. The company’s new mission is to develop and implement unique solutions that help people and their organizations create long-term value. “Our new vision drives and motivates us with a new, fresh, and exciting direction, embodied by our new look, ” said Daniel Yip, founder and principal for Nexus Business Consulting.


Established in 2004, Nexus Business Consulting is a private business consulting company based in the Miami, Florida area. Since 2004, Nexus Business Consulting has worked with clients that are leaders in their respective industries. In that time, it has served not just as documenters or front-line consultants but has grown to be a recognized business partner with its clients. Nexus Business Consulting offers a full suite of consulting services, which include:

  • IT management consulting
  • IT compliance
  • IT audit coordination
  • IT and business documentation